Why can't I see my ads on Google Search or Maps?

Or: Why you should not search for your own ads

Last updated on November 3rd, 2021

Your ads deliver as a result of a keyword auction and how these keywords rank.

Searching for your own ads does not provide an accurate picture of how the ads are serving to others. This is due to how the system uses multiple local and global parameters to target ads, to reach the most relevant users. Sometimes, you will be tempted to search for your own ads, and you will think that your ads have stopped serving entirely. But in reality, Google has just stopped showing you your own ads.

By performing searches on Google.com that trigger your ad, the ads accumulate impressions without clicks, which can lower the clickthrough rate and prevent the ad from appearing as often as it should. Also, repeatedly looking for own ad using Google search but never clicking on it might cause Google's system to stop showing the ads that it thinks a particular user isn't interested in.

Google uses a number of methods to rank ads. In some cases, what you see is different from what other users are seeing, particularly if you search for the same ad many times without clicking on it. 

We therefore strongly discourage advertisers from making bidding decisions based on the results you observe when searching for your ad on google.com.

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