Why do my campaigns spend more than the daily budget?

Last updated on August 19th, 2021

Your daily budget is the average amount that is spent within a day. Google will optimise your spending based on the days you are likely to generate a better performance. 


This means that Google can spend two times the amount you specified, but the system will then compensate this by underspending on other days.

As a rule of thumb, Google will never spend more than 30.4 days times your average daily budget, no matter how many days your ads actually run. And you will rarely pay more than twice your daily budget for most campaigns during the day.

Example: If your daily budget is 5 EUR, you will not spend more than 152 EUR during that month.

However, you might spend 15 EUR on some days. If you see that you spend thrice as much, do not worry! Google simply decided to spend more based on relevant signals that might improve performance. The following days, you might see a drop in performance again, though, due to a lower spend to compensate.

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