What target radius should I use?

Last updated on September 16th, 2021

Radius targeting allows you to market to a very specific area. You can market directly to people that are close to your business or within your service range. When creating your ad, you can to set a radius for where you want your ad to show. 

Rule of Thumb

In order to determine your ideal radius, ask yourself how far are potential customers willing to travel to get to your location?

If you only target 1km radius, your ads will not be targeting many users searching for your keywords, therefore your ad impressions may be low and you will be missing out on potential customers. 

If you target a larger radius (i.e. 10km radius), your ads will be shown to users 10km away from your location who may not want to travel so far, therefore users can click on the ad and not make a conversion (however you are paying each time they click on the ad).

A good target radius to start with is 5km from your location.

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