Why are my campaigns not spending the budget?

Last updated on August 19th, 2021

The budget you’ve set for your campaign is a daily budget, which means that amount should be spent every day. However, there are cases in which the ads are not spending.

Issue: Your ad is not showing or getting a very low number of clicks

There are certain reasons for ads not showing on Google Search or why your ad is generating a very low number of clicks. 

  • Using the wrong keywords
    This means targeting keywords with a low search volume and/or people in your targeted area are not searching for your keywords. This can include long-tailed keywords (keywords with more than two terms) and those ones which won't generate clicks (ie. "24/7" when you're running a business that's open around the clock). Another reason could be that you don't target enough relevant keywords. To find out how to choose the right keywords for your ads, please read our article: How to choose good keywords?

  • Daily budget is too low
    Depending on your keywords, competition and your ad rank, you may be targeting keywords which have a high CPC. To increase the chance that your ad will show and generate clicks, you can increase your daily budget . To find out more info about CPCs, please read our article: What CPC can I expect? Why are my costs per click so high?

  • Your Ad Rank is too low
    Google assigns an ad rank to every ad on their platform. This rank is a complex calculation, but it results in a numerical value attached to your ad. This value determines your ad position. The top spot is an ad rank 1, the second spot is ad rank 2, and so on.

Ad Rank

Ad rank is determined by a calculation involving factors like your keyword bids, your expected click-through rate, your ad relevance, your landing page experience, and even the competition in the ad auction at the time the ad is being ranked.

  • Targeting a small radius
    You might be targeting an area in which has a low population and not getting enough people searching for your targeted keywords here. To find out how to choose the right radius for your ads, please read our article: What target radius should I use?

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