What CPC can I expect?

Why are my costs per click so high?

Last updated on August 19th, 2021

Various factors influence your click price or CPC depending on the season but also on the day. The cost-per-click can range from 0.10 eUR to 25.00 EUR. 


The main reason for this is your competition and the quality of your own ad copy and keywords.

If you want to know what your competition looks like for a specific keyword, type the keyword into Google search and look at the search results. If you check on different days and at different times, you will get a good impression of what is going on in the competition. The better the competition is represented, the higher your click price can theoretically be. 

You can influence your CPC by

  • using only relevant keywords
  • writing informative ad text
  • using negative keywords to funnel your traffic more effectively
  • pausing expensive keywords

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