How do keywords, long descriptions, etc. affect your visibility?

The higher your profile completeness, the better Google can match the user's search query with your location profile.

Last updated on March 8th, 2023

Consistent NAP data (name, address, telephone number) in all connected directories help you to achieve a better ranking and thus more visibility on Google Maps and Search. 

Your listings' high profile completeness allows Google to better match the user's search queries with your locations.

Which information is important and where is it published?

The basic data (name, address, telephone number, website, email, category, opening hours, keywords, long description) and other data (attributes, panorama images, logo, photos, services, social media profiles) are also important.


Add up to 5 categories in your profile. The first category counts as the main category and is, therefore, the most important. Corresponding to the main category, associated attributes that you can select are displayed in the dropdown in the platform. Examples for the main category and other categories:

Main category Additional categories you can add
Insurance Health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, liability insurance, etc.
Department store Womenswear, menswear, housewares, jewellery, toys


Add keywords to your location profiles as they are published in many directories. You can use your brand, your products or services. By publishing the keywords your customers are informed about what your business is offering. Additionally, listing the keywords on the directory page organically improves your visibility. 

Long description

With the long description, you inform your customers about your company and your products/services. The long description is displayed in almost all directories and therefore gives you more visibility. We recommend including your keywords/products/services within the text. Use a maximum of 750 characters for the long description so that it is also published on Google. With more than 750 characters, Google shows the short description (200 characters) and you lose 550 valuable characters that you could use for your products/services. You can use a generic long description for all locations and individualize them using the placeholders *|name|*, *|zip|*, *|city|*. Please note that the number of characters behind the placeholder must be included to not exceed 750 (e.g. City = Southampton => 11 characters).

Short description

In the case of a long description with more than 750 characters, Google publishes the short description. Therefore it is important to store an informative short description (max. 200 characters) as a backup for your locations.


Attributes are linked to your main category. In the dropdown in the platform, you will find all the attributes that Google makes available for the main category. Attributes are only taken into account in the Google directory and published there. Attributes are very important for indirect search, i.e. when users are not looking for your brand name but your products or services. An important attribute would be a link for appointments if your website offers this.

Social media links are displayed in many directories and thus increase your visibility and link building. The links are displayed in the directories for example AppleMaps, Bing etc.


Add services to your location profiles to inform your customers about your product portfolio on the one hand and to increase your organic visibility through publication on the directory page on the other. Services are displayed in the following directories, among others: ABCLOCAL, Business Directory Germany, Bundestelefonbuch, Cylex, Dialo, FindeOffen, GoLocal, GoYellow, Guidelocal, Jelloo, Meinungsmeister, Yellbo, Meinestadt, Google (mobile), Waze.

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