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Last updated on March 8th, 2024

The following article provides guidance on location name and what is expected when submitting to Apple. 


What is the guidance from Apple? 

A name is the label a location uses to refer to itself. May be derived from:

  • Location's official website
  • Claimed social media site
  • Physical signage

When signage is only a logo, then the name should be the legal name.

Only a hotel or hospital name may include a modifier, such as an address element or company affiliation, when it improves disambiguation among similarly named locations.

Name should not include:

  • Holding Name or corporate structure type, when not included in signage. For example, "Inc," "Ltd," "Public Limited Company," "GmbH," and so on.


Names can be in CAPS, if the storefront signage have the business name in all CAPS. Apple request that the letter case to be aligned with the storefront / brand name.


How will my location name be submitted? 

With our new guidelines in place, our platform ensures that location names won't include address elements like city or corporate structure type, unless it's included in the physical signage. Through our cleansing process, these details are eliminated before being sent to Apple.

If any of these elements are mistakenly added to the name, customers can anticipate Apple removing these details from what's visible to them.


Exceptions to this guidance 

Insurance Agents which will name a business as Brand + Agent's name is an exception and it can be allowed as the name is an important differentiator.

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