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Check the frequently asked questions about the Customer Feedback section of our platform.

Last updated on August 9th, 2023

Our platform reflects the feedback as soon as it is made available to us via API from the directory. 

Insights, Clicks and Views often experience a delay of up to 5 days on Google. As soon as Google makes the data available, the system will reflect the information. 


Is it possible to answer reviews on HolidayCheck, TripAdvisor and Yelp directly on our platform?

For HolidayCheck and TripAdvisor: 

The respective locations are connected to the directories and are able to receive reviews, although these can’t get answered through our platform yet. The user must click on "Show original" right below the comment to respond on the corresponding directory. 

For Yelp: 

If the location is connected to Yelp and you are a Yelp Enterprise subscriber, it is possible to reply from the Inbox. You can find more information on how to connect your Yelp Enterprise account here.

If the location is not on the Yelp Enterprise subscription, the system will pull in the last 3 relevant reviews (flagged by Yelp). In order to reply to reviews, there will be a link underneath the review that reads 'Show original' that redirects to Yelp. 




Why can't I see any reputation management features when I log into the platform?

There are 3 reasons this could happen:

  1. The reputation management module is not part of your contract. If this is the case please reach out to your account manager or customer success manager.
  2. Your user role does not have access to the related features. To modify this, contact your administrator to receive the correct permission. Should you be the administrator please contact our support team.
  3. If there are no locations in your profile, you will be unable to see the functions of the reputation management module (Customer Feedback and Publish tabs).

I added the reputation management module for only some of my locations. Why do I see a message to upgrade if I want to publish more than one post?

This is linked to your user type:

If you are an Admin and only some of your locations have reputation management in their product plan, you will see this message when clicking on 'Publish': "Customer Feedback is not included in one or more Accounts you manage. Discover what customers say about your location(s). Contact us to upgrade!"

In order to see and use the "Publish" feature admins need to access each location individually

Account Managers or Multi-Account Managers can use the "Publish" feature for multiple locations at once only if all locations have posting activated.

Having some locations with Customer Feedback and Publish features and some without them might require you to switch between different logins (users) or for you to post individually per location.

For more information about the types of users and roles, please check this article‍.


How long does it take for a new review on Google to be shown in our platform?

If there is a new review, Google is signalling us that we have to execute an automation that makes it available in the platform. The time until a new review is shown on the platform heavily depends on when Google signals that a new review has been added. 

Delayed ingestion and delayed visibility of a review in our tool can therefore be caused by two factors:

1. When a review is submitted to Google, it is first checked by Google regarding their guidelines, which can take up to a few days. Once the review has been checked and published, Google signals us, and we pull the review to display it in our tool. 


The time/date that is displayed next to the star rating in a Google review refers to the day on which the review was submitted to Google by the user.

It does not display the day on which the review was actually published and is visible on Google (and therefore available for us to be pulled into the tool). 

 2. As soon as Google signals us that a new review is published, the automation to pull it into the platform is queued. Smaller time delays can thus also be caused by the number of reviews that have to be processed. 





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