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Important information and FAQs about Uberall submissions to Bing

Last updated on February 16th, 2024

Bing is a directory that does have its own UI which is called Bing Places. Unlike GBP from Google, Bing does allow having the same location in more than one account at the same time. Bing also blends data from multiple sources (e.g. data providers, business websites, and others). This has consequences when it comes to claiming listings or updating their information.


What happens when users have their own Bing Places account which contains data different than in the platform?

As per Bing: Our data selection model will choose the most up-to-date attribute from one/multiple providers.

This means it is in Bing's hands to ensure the data they publish are the correct and most up-to-date one.
However, having the same location also in customer's account with obsolete data (because we don't update it, we only submit into our own Bing Places account), might end up affecting the data accuracy on the listing itself.

I submitted data to your platform but it is not published on Bing, why?

The number one reference for information to Bing is the business' website and storefront. As long as the data submitted to Bing match those, it means the data will be published. If not Bing will show the data e.g. name that is shown on the storefront/website and not what has been saved on our platform. 

Bing generally has an 8-10 days publishing cycle, t
his time is required for Bing to identify other 3rd party listings which relate to your business, merge these with your verified information, and publish the updated listing into Bing's Local Listings database.

Does the user need to delete their Bing Places account?

We will not ask or force you to delete your account. However, in order to make Bing's life easier and not confuse them, it is advisable that you clear your account from any locations. 

Why do I as a user keep receiving emails from Bing Places asking me to confirm the data is correct? (example below)

Bing sends such emails to users if the business information is not been updated for more than 6 months. They want their users to validate their business information every 6 months and keep the listing fresh.

While your locations are managed and frequently updated by us, having a copy of them in your own Bing Places account means that they are treated as 2 separate and independent locations. You can still receive such emails as the one above when the location in your account won't be maintained while we don't receive such emails since the location in our account is maintained


If there are no locations in your Bing Places account or you don't have a Bing Places account, then you won't receive such emails.

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