Why was my data not published on Bing?

Last updated on December 7th, 2022

Bing is a directory that blends multiple sources and uses a business's website and storefront as the main source. Subsequently, all data provided through other sources such as ours will be checked against the data on the website and storefront. 

What does Bing's preference for the business website and storefront mean for my location?

The data of the business on the platform and the data on the business website have to match. Bing will only publish matching data.

Why is the location's name not updating on BING?

Bing only displays names as they are on the storefronts of the businesses. 

If the name of your business has changed, it is recommended to add a storefront picture of the business on the location's profile.

My listing is shown as in sync but there is data missing on the profile

That means that the data is submitted correctly to the directory and they have that in the database but that doesn't mean that this data will be displayed if the data are not matching with the information on the website.

For example: If no address is displayed on the website of your business Bing will leave the address field empty. However, since they received the data and checked and confirmed the remaining data it the listing will be shown as in sync.  

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