General FAQ about Directories

Last updated on September 26th, 2022

Find out the answer to some of the questions frequently asked about directories in general:

What happens when I edit locations on the directory itself?

Some directories (such as Google My Business) allow users to edit listings on the directory itself.
 We no longer automatically overwrite changes made in GMB upon sync check and those changes only get amended when the field has been actively updated within the platform (via partner API or in-app. Therefore, you should make any changes directly in our platform to ensure the information remains consistent across all directories.

How long does it take for my listing to appear on a directory?

The time it takes to create or edit a location depends on the speed of the directory’s response to the data we send.

The creation of a new listing should appear within a day. However, some directories have to manually check all new listings which may take a little longer.

The update of existing listings also varies in speed - up to approx 10 days.
If you’re concerned about the speed of creating or updating a listing, you can always reach out to our support team, who will follow up with the directory if necessary.

Why is the category I selected in the platform not identical to the category shown for my listing in the Directory?

Different directories have different category options, and we will internally match the selected category(ies) to the closest option(s) available for each directory. However, there are instances when they will not be exactly the same.

What can I do if my listing is claimed by others?

Depending on the directory, the way of proceeding will be different when your listings are claimed by others.

Certain directories will allow you to overwrite the existing listing. This procedure can take place automatically when we send the information to the directory and the directory connects your data with an existing URL created or claimed by others.

If a listing is overwritten, the previous owner of the listing might complain with the directory, which in turn will forward the complaint to us and to you. Other directories, such as Google, will not allow claimed listings to be overwritten. 

Should you consider an existing Google listing to belong to you, you should contact Google directly and present an official claim which will then be discussed with the current owner.

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