Instagram Places Pages

What they are and how they work

Last updated on June 1st, 2022

Facebook and Instagram are now the same company, Instagram places pages are directly mirrored from Facebook location pages. That being said, as they are two separate databases there is not currently an instant update and the update times vary significantly.

How do Instagram Location pages get created?

Facebook and Instagram are one company, sharing databases. If there is a location page existing on Facebook it will be mirrored to Instagram.

How can a user update location information on Instagram?

Not directly through Instagram. Location information must be edited on Facebook first and then will get updated on Instagram.

Can users connect and update their Instagram Location pages with the platform?

There is no API Connection for Instagram Locations available. Users can update their basic listing information from within the platform if their Facebook location page is connected.


Instagram places are not claimed when they were autogenerated from a claimed Facebook location page. A business owner can manually claim their Instagram places page by linking to the corresponding Facebook Location page so long as they are admin of that page.


If you own a Facebook Location Profile but for some reason can’t find the corresponding Instagram Places page, you can easily create one by creating a new Location on Facebook via your mobile device. Once created, the location will be available on Instagram.


Instagram Places pages are currently only available on iOS and Android.

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