FAQ about Instagram

Last updated on May 16th, 2022

What is Instagram

Instagram is a social networking platform that allows sharing photos and videos. Users can share images publicly, privately or to pre-approved followers. It provides users with several photo editing options and filters.

How to create and access an Instagram profile

Instagram profiles can be accessed on mobile phones via the Instagram app or via instagram.com

Instagram offers location pages and regular Instagram profiles. Location pages are created automatically by users adding location tags to their posts.

Do we create Instagram profiles on your behalf?

Instagram profiles can be connected to Facebook and Twitter accounts so that photos or videos can be shared on multiple channels by the user. Profiles are free of charge.

While we do not create Instagram user profiles, you can quickly do it yourself here.

What is the difference between Instagram Profile and Location page for our platform?

Profile pages can be added in social profiles and pushed into relevant sections on directories, but are not read for reviews and Instagram posts.

Location pages collect all photos uploaded to Instagram with a link to that particular location (= photos/videos taken at the same location with a geo tag based on those existing on Facebook). They only show the tagged pictures/videos and a small map with the name and the address of the business. We don't connect our platform directly to the location pages, as they are created automatically by users adding location tags to their Instagram posts.

Which types of Instagram pages does our platform support?

We only support Instagram Location pages. Regular Instagram profiles, that may be used as a brand-profile, for instance, are not shown in our platform.

The Location pages provide you with an overview of when and in what context your location was linked to posts on Instagram. 

Why does Instagram show in sync when in reality it's not?

Instagram is not a direct connection, we submit data through Facebook, and thus we cannot sync check on Instagram. If the listing is up to date on Facebook the Instagram badge will also appear as up to date. 

Facebook doesn't create/update Instagram pages immediately, often there might be a delay of up to a couple of months. This is due to Instagram importing page data in batches and sporadically. 


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