Data Submission Options

Learn about the 3 different data submission options Push API, Pull API and Manual

Last updated on March 3rd, 2023

Clients have three options to submit their data to our platform:

  • Push API = real-time API,  as the client pushes their data in real-time to our platform via our API. This is the most professional solution. If the data format is incorrect, the client receives error messages and can pull data herself from our platform.  There is no additional cost for clients as they complete the necessary steps on their end themselves. We provide support free of charge. One factor to consider is that the client will need to find the resources to build this connection themselves. 


  • Pull API = The client provides their data in a data feed, and we pull it daily (or in an agreed frequency) and upload it automatically to the platform.  This is a sub-optimal solution, as the client does not get error responses if data is faulty and the update is not real-time. Initial set-up and maintenance are a lot of work, so we charge a heavy fee to cover our costs. 


  •  Manual = Excel upload or creating locations manually in the platform. This does not require anyone else's support but is the most laborious when you start managing 100 locations or above.




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