Connecting your Yelp Account

This article explains the requirements to connect and reply to Yelp reviews directly from the platform

Last updated on April 11th, 2023

Yelp Enterprise subscribers have the possibility to connect their account to the platform to respond to reviews. 

1. Log into your account. 
2. On the left-side navigation panel, click Locations. (note! If it's a single locations manager they won't be able to see the navigation panel, so just skip to the next step.) 

2. Choose a location from the list of all available locations, and go to the Directories overview. 

3. A 'Connect' button will appear on the 'Directories' overview for the Yelp listing.

4. Much like the Google and Facebook connect flows, once the user clicks on the 'Connect' button, they will be prompted to start the flow:

5. Afterward, you will be able to sign in:

6. and allow permissions for the platform to retrieve the reviews.

This will allow the reviews to be responded directly from the platform. If the Yelp account is not connected, the system will continue to update the listing profile.

The 'Connect' button will only show for customers who are advertising on Yelp, as well as our enterprise customers with more than 10 locations under their business. 

You can find more on the types of customers and their services here.

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