Summer 2023 Release Notes

Discover the new features and improvements available to you in this upcoming Q2 release.

Last updated on July 6th, 2023

Welcome to the Release Notes for Summer 2023! The Uberall team has been hard at work to bring you these exciting new features and improvements to the platform. With these updates, we bring you greater social publishing capabilities and enhancements across the platform.

Social Updates

Social Ads

We are excited to launch an all-new product to run highly relevant ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Uberall Social Ads make it possible to target ads to local customers and promote your offer when they're one step away from a purchase. 

To set you up for success, Social Ads comes with an easy-to-use editor, templates, geo-targeting, dynamic text localizations, various ads format, granular reporting, and A/B testing. 

Reach out to your success manager for more details. 


Improved Social Post Publisher

There are considerable improvements coming to the Social Publisher that we think you'll be excited to see. In this release, we bring you a refreshed look for publishing organic social content within the platform. You'll find a streamlined publisher that takes you step-by-step through the process of building your perfect social post with all-new enhanced capabilities!


Directory Updates for Social Publishing

In addition to the publisher redesign, we have also expanded the directory list and post types that are supported. Below are the details of what's been added. 


Facebook Brand Publishing

The new publisher now supports posting social content to the brand Facebook page. This pushes the publisher to be a more holistic solution that enables users to simultaneously publish content across all managed Facebook pages. Simply check the “Publish to the Facebook Brand Page” box and identify your brand page when building your Facebook post. 



Instagram Publishing

Instagram is an incredibly important social media channel for digital marketers. To ensure you have the right social tools you need in one place, we are adding support for publishing organic social content to Instagram! Users will be able to publish a general post or an Instagram Reel to multiple Instagram accounts when choosing Instagram as the directory in the new publisher. You can even choose to add the first comment on your post which is a great way to include hashtags on your publication, increasing it's visibility without disrupting your post text.


Apple Showcases

Expanding upon the release of Apple Business Connect, users will now be able to publish content to their Apple Maps listings using Apple Showcases. Apple will be a selectable directory in the new publisher. Use this new post type to highlight your products, offers, events, and news on your Apple Maps listings!


Publishing Calendar

We are launching a new way of overseeing your scheduled social content. Users will discover a new tab for the Publishing Calendar in the Publish section of the platform. Here, you can see all of your past and future posts in a weekly or monthly calendar view. Create and manage your posts, track their status, and use this new view to help you plan your upcoming social publications. 


Social Post Approvals

We are expanding the User Rights capabilities by adding a new approval toggle that if disabled will require social posts to be approved before being delivered to the appropriate directories. When a user requires approvals for posts, their posts will be added to a new Approvals tab in the Publish section. An approver can then “Accept” or “Reject” the post. 

Enabling Social Post Approvals can aid businesses in maintaining brand voice and image when empowering local operators to manage their social presence. Alternatively, Post Approvals can be used as a way to strategically enable local operators in a more controllable way by setting up guard rails as they learn social publishing best practices. 


Listings Updates

Bing API update

Bing set up a new API that is expected to improve stability and reduce the update time for listings. We have updated our platform to the new API endpoints so that you benefit directly from those future improvements.


Platform Updates

Group Management

With this update, users can now assign a group to a user in the creation flow when setting up a new Location Manager. In addition, Groups can now be managed via API. 


Single Sign-on Improvements 

Single Sign-On (SSO) can now be enabled as a system-wide policy that enforces exclusive access via SSO. This ensures that only authenticated SSO users can enter and utilize the platform. Additionally, you can receive audit logs by directing them to your preferred SFTP bucket, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and compliance tracking.


ServiceNow Connection

We have added a new connection with Service Now, allowing clients to reply to reviews they receive in the platform directly from their Service Now instance using the Table API endpoints. 



Google Performance API

In this release, we have upgraded to the latest Google Performance API. In addition, we have also updated relevant data sets in the Google dashboard of the Analytics section. You will now find updated metrics that are in-line with how Google now measures performance. With these updated metrics, users will have a more accurate understanding of listing views and engagements.

New Impression metrics in Google Analytics “Awareness” tab. 

New engagement metrics in the Google Analytics in “Interactions” tab.



Locator + Local Pages Updates

Second Custom CTA on the locator results

Previously, the Locator only supported one custom call-to-action (CTA). In this release we are expanding that capability by adding a second field to add an additional CTA to the locator. 


Show location star rating on locator

With this release, we are adding the star rating to the Locator's search results. This will aid in the customer experience as they decide which of your locations to visit. 


Local Page Vanity URL

Previously, Local Page URLs were created based on the address information of the location. To make the URLs more adaptable to marketing needs or for Local Pages that represent people (e.g., Real-estate agents, bankers, doctors, etc.), we are adding a new field that enables users to define a custom vanity URL. The URL can be defined as a Custom Field on the Location Profile and enabled in the ‘Pages’ tab of the Locator + Pages section.


Second Custom HTML Section

In efforts to support greater customizations for Local Pages, we are adding two additional Custom HTML fields within the editor to support adding text, images, videos, or additional widgets. These new fields will be displayed as one additional field for the Main Column and one additional field for the Sidebar.


Display filters in alphabetical order

We have updated the filters in the Locator to be listed in alphabetical order. This should improve the customer experience as they search for locations in their area. 


Mobile App Updates

Media Manager

With this release, users will now be able to upload images to their listings right from the Mobile App. This makes it easy to quickly snap a photo with your phone and quickly upload it to publish to your connected directories. 


SSO and 2-Factor Authentication Support

The Mobile App will now support SSO and 2-Factor Authentication improving the security and ease of use the platform when you're on the go! This requires that you have enabled SSO and/or 2-Factor Authentication on your account in the desktop version of the platform.


Messages Updates

Email Notifications 

To ensure that users don't miss out on replying to conversations, we have added Messages as a notification option in the user settings. You will have the only have the option to set notifications for Immediately so that you can better comply with SLAs for responding to Messages. 

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