What are Profile Suggestions?

Last updated on January 17th, 2024

What are Profile Suggestions?

To keep the location data as accurate and complete as possible, the directories provide updates on the location data in the form of profile suggestions. The directories generate these suggestions, which differ from location information in the platform, from sources like website crawls, third-party data providers and user-submitted suggestions. The directories intend to have the most up-to-date information to show to the end-users with the opportunity to approve or reject the information the directory has gathered from other online sources. 

To review the suggestions from the different directories, the platform provides an overview of all the suggestions for the location(s). This feature is intended to help improve the completeness of the location's profile. 

How do Profile Suggestions work?

There are two options that profile suggestions that will be displayed on the platform: 

  • Directories provide specific suggestions for profile completeness improvements
  • not filled data fields that could be found on the directory location profile

Whenever we receive or find data that will improve the accuracy of the location data, we will display that as a profile suggestion. As a user, two options will be available to manage those suggestions:  

  • replace the existing value in the field in the platform with one of the options that are suggested or
  • to add the value for the empty field coming from the directories

This is a way to improve the profile completeness quickly with just a few clicks!



We currently provide suggestions for non-empty fields coming only from Google since it's the directory that makes these updates available to us. For the rest of the directories, we pull suggestions only if the corresponding profile field is empty in our application.

Where are profile Suggestions displayed on the platform?

The suggestions can be seen on the location level under profile> Suggestions. In the case of many locations, the list of all profile suggestions can be found at the top of the locations overview - Locations > Profile Suggestions.

We also display the directory where the suggestion is coming from, and it is possible to filter the suggestions according to the directory.

What are the fields currently supported?

  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Imprint
  • Opening Hours
  • Opening Hours Notes
  • Special Opening Hours
  • Phone
  • Attributes
  • Website
  • Photos

What happens if:

The suggestion for the replacement of information is accepted:

  • The data field in the location's profile will be replaced with the value coming from the directory.
  • Once the field is updated, new suggestions will only be pulled in when a new suggestion is available in the directory.

The suggestion for adding more information is accepted:

  • The data field in the location's profile will be enriched with the value coming from the directory.

Not selective acceptance

It is not possible to accept only partly the profile suggestion. All suggestions must be processed; otherwise, the profile suggestions for other fields or from other directories will be discarded. 

The suggestions will not be processed:

  • We will ignore the directory suggestion and keep trying to update the profile with our value

Ignoring suggestions

If the suggestions are not handled, then the platform cannot update the profile with the data in the platform. Directories like Google will ignore the values where they send a suggestion. It is essential to manage the profile suggestion to avoid that situation. 

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