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Last updated on May 7th, 2021

This article explains what accounts are and how to create and modify them.

What is an account?

Although our core objects are locations, we needed a way to manage and group them. Therefore we introduced accounts.

Imagine an account being a folder in which files are nested. Each file being a location. You can have unlimited files in one folder. You can give access to the folder only to certain people. You can specify the purpose of a folder.

Accounts are used to group Locations, in order to give more flexibility to the user in terms of products and user-rights.

How to create accounts?

It is very easy to create an account.

  1.  Log into the platform - on the left you will find the navigation bar. Find the tab "Accounts":

  2.  Click on "Add Accounts":

  3.  Provide Account Info:

    Pay attention to the "Account Identifier" - it will be used to recognize the account in the Location Import file as "businessIdentifier".

  4.  Create a responsible user or skip this step (users can be created at a later stage).
  5. Choose the desired product plan.
  6.  Click on "Add Account":

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