Checklist for connecting Facebook pages to our platform

Last updated on December 30th, 2021

Before connecting your Facebook location to the platform:

1. Confirm you have an Admin Page Role as explained in this article.

2. Ensure the page is published and accessible for the public. Click on the 'Settings' tab on your Facebook page (top right). This will reveal the navigation panel on the left. Click on the 'General' section which contains the information regarding page visibility and restrictions. The page must be Published under Page Visibility.

3. Ensure the FB location address is showing and matching the address of your location in the platform. The location's addresses must match for the system to connect them.

4. If you wish to keep existing location data, make sure it is added to your locations in the platform before connecting your Facebook account. 

Below you will find the details on each field mapping

Field in Facebook Field in our platform Comment
Logo Logo We will overwrite this field. The previous logo will still be available and we will not delete it.
Cover photo Landscape We will overwrite the cover photo. If there is no landscape photo in our platform, the main photo from the ones uploaded to our platform will be taken. The previous cover photo will still be available and we will not delete it. If there are no photos in our platform, we will remove (not delete) the cover photo in Facebook.
Opening Hours Opening Hours We will overwrite this field.
Impressum Imprint We will overwrite this field This field is mandatory for companies in the DACH region.
Website Website We will overwrite this field.
Email Email We will overwrite this field.
About Short Description We will overwrite this field.
"Customers visit my business at my street address" "I don't serve at my location address" / DisplayAddress We will overwrite this field.
Location descriptor N/A We do not have a connection to this field - it can only be managed in Facebook Business Manager.



If you would like to maintain the current Facebook photos, you are able to skip updating the photos by enabling "skip updating photos" function.

If you want to give your Facebook pages a fresh start, you don't need to worry about the existing location data there. When connecting our platform with Facebook, the above mentioned fields will be overwritten.

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