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Last updated on January 24th, 2023


The Facebook page username (formerly: Facebook vanity URL)  is customizable option for businesses to define their Facebook page web address. This can be configured for each of your businesses Facebook pages and by defining the page username, you are making it easier for your customers to identify and discover your pages. 


Facebook Username Guildlines

  1. You can only have one username for your Page or profile, and you can't have a username that is already being used.
  2. Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A–Z, 0–9) and periods ("."). They can't contain generic terms or extensions (.com, .net).
  3. Usernames must be at least 5 characters long.
  4. Periods (".") and capitalization can't be used to differentiate usernames. For example, johnsmith55, John.Smith55 and john.smith.55 are all considered the same username.
  5. Usernames shouldn't impersonate someone else.
  6. Your username must adhere to the Facebook Terms.

How-to Walkthrough

  1. As an admin, navigate to the Facebook page you want to update the username for. 
  2. Click on the 'More' option from the page navigation
  3. Click “About” from the dropdown menu
  4. Click “Edit Page Info” at the upper right 
  5. Enter your preferred link at the Username field
  6. The username should autosave as you enter the information.

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