Google Business Profile (GBP) Locations Import Guide

Import locations from your Google Business Profile account to the platform

Last updated on May 31st, 2023

In this step-by-step guide you will be importing and connecting the locations from your Google Business Profile account in one go!

Step 1  Connect account

Go to the Locations tab and click on "Connect Google account" in the Google Import section 

Step 2  Log in to Google Business Profile

Click on "Connect Google account"

Step 3  Sign in

Make sure you log in to the Google account you manage the locations with.
Click on "Next"

Step 4  Allow Access

A window will open in which you are asked to grant the Local Listing Connector access to the Google account. If you have previously allowed access, this step will be skipped.
Click “Allow”. 

Step 5  Create Accounts

Select the location groups you want to import and click on "Create accounts"

Step 6  Select locations

Revise the locations which will be imported and remove any if needed.
Click on "Import locations"

Step 7  Confirm and Sync

Revise the number of accounts and locations and click on "Confirm and start sync"

Once the import is complete, you will be prompted with a confirmation window as shown below.

Tracking the progress   

If you already started a Google Import and you are trying to start another one, you will see the waiting screen which informs you that the system still processing the data. Once the system finishes processing the locations, you will be able to start a new import.


What kind of Google connection is made - on account (business) or location level?

Google connection is made on location level. This means that subsequently added locations need to be individually connected after they are created. Find out more on how to connect your locations to Google here

How are the accounts (businesses) named?

They inherit the names of the Google location groups. If the Google location group carries the same name as a previously created account, the location data will be imported there.

How are ungrouped locations imported?

They are grouped and imported into a single business (account) carrying the name of the Google Business Profile user that is importing it.

Which locations are pulled from Google Business Profile?

All locations except suspended locations.

Which fields and items are retrieved from Google Business Profile?

All fields which are supported, excluding photos.


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