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Last updated on March 29th, 2022

What is the Insights module (Homepage)?

Insights is the Home page of the platform and, as its name subtly suggests, an insights-rich feature. It combines the power of analytics with the primitive force of storytelling (the most natural way for humans to absorb important information) into a curated experience that translates key performance metrics into a clear and engaging story, and provides personalised recommendations for businesses to strengthen their online-to-offline customer experience and further optimise for growth.

The Home page is available on both a global (multi-location) and single location level. It is composed of 3 key areas.

1. Business performance overview

The top area gives an overview of the business with the number of locations, geographical areas and main business categories (for a multi-location business). 

On the right side, the 'Near Me' 360 badge is a high-level indicator of performance: the 'Near Me' 360 is a powerful location performance audit tool that measures a business' ability in comparison to local competitors to get found, be chosen and drive loyalty across the increasingly hybrid customer journey, from online searches to sales at the local level. More specifically, it calculates a score based on the performance in each of these 3 customer journey pillars. The higher the score, the higher the performance, and so the better optimised the customer experience.

2. Key metrics at a glance

The data cards provide a simple and high-level overview of the crucial performance metrics across the 3 pillars:

  • Get Found: be found and highly visible with accurate and complete information, where and when people are looking for the business' products and services
  • Be Chosen: stand out from competition, appeal to potential customers with the right message at the right time so they interact with the business' locations (and ultimately are more likely to make a purchase)
  • Drive Loyalty: deliver an amazing experience to customers, build loyalty and referral

The carousel allows to navigate through the cards while always getting a picture of the business performance throughout the customer journey. Each card acts as an introduction to a given metric or topic, and redirects to the specific part of the platform where users can deep-dive.

For a detailed list of the metrics cards, read this article.

3. Personalised recommendations

This last component of the page provides a series of personalised next best actions resulting from the insights uncovered above to further optimise business performance and drive growth. This can include tasks like: 

  • fill in profile information
  • reply to reviews
  • fix an error in a location address 
  • publish content on social networks
  • start an ad campaign
  • etc.

Each todo card indicates the number of locations that profit from or require this action, as well as one or several pillars (Get Found, Be Chosen, Drive Loyalty) that will benefit from carrying out this task. For example, replying to reviews will not only have a positive impact on a location's ability to convert online users (Be Chosen), but it will also strengthen its relationship with the customers having left the review (Drive Loyalty).

Finally, as the goal is to make this very actionable, each task redirects to the specific part in the platform where the it can be executed. This allows to efficiently leverage the right product at the right time.

Product demo

Tl;dr? Here is a deep-dive demo of the Homepage.

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