Replying to reviews on the app

Last updated on June 1st, 2022

Be there for your customers, wherever you are

Now, using the mobile app, you can always keep an eye on the inbox and quickly reply to customers questions and reviews (and even use pre-made answers to make this process even easier).

What the inbox looks like

In the first view, "Unanswered", you can see all messages that are awaiting an answer from the past 180 days. This includes some basic information on it, like what directory they originate from, name/picture of the account who left the review and how many stars (this will change depending on the post type and the directory).

The other view, "Last 30 days", is an unfiltered one where you can overview the entire location's performance (replied and unanswered).

Replying to a review

Once you've clicked on a review, You'll be able to read it fully and reply to it.

Focusing on the bottom part of the screen, you'll see the actions bar:

Clicking on the grey answer section will allow you to write your reply clicking on the blue submit button will publish your response to the directory and that's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use pre-made answer to reply to reviews?

Of course! 

You can use the Response Library feature to leverage pre-approved answers. Click on This icon

At the bottom left of the screen. For more information about creating saved responses and using them on the go, refer to our section about the response library.


Will this allow EVERYONE to reply to reviews?

The mobile app follows the same set of restrictions and permissions as the rest of the platform.

For example, if a user only has permission to read reviews, they will not have the bottom action bar, preventing them from replying or editing a reply to a review:

If the user doesn't even have "Read" rights, they will completely be missing the section from their app, preventing them from even seeing reviews.


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