Creating a new user

Last updated on July 6th, 2022

Follow the steps below if you need to create new users: 

  1. Click on the menu tab called User Rights;
  2. On the User Management page, click on + Create User;
  3. Enter the user data including salutation, name and email address;
  4. For the roles Location-, Account-, and Multi-account managers, add the location(s) or account(s) that the user should have access to (in case you are on a multi-location overview);
  5. You can also restrict the permissions of the user by unticking the features you don't want them to see/edit;
  6. Select the language and set how often the user should receive an email report, the so-called digest email;
  7. An invitation will be sent via email once the user is saved. With the link provided in the email, the user will be able to create a private password. The link expires after 72h. A new email with a refreshed link can be sent out from the User Management overview page.
  8. Alternatively, Location and Account Managers can also be added via "User Rights" in the single location profile (in Accounts).

User creation in the Account section

You can also create a user directly in the Account section. Please be aware that

1. the user will automatically be assigned the Account Manager Role

2. since you have to set a password for the user upon creation the user will NOT receive a Welcome email. 

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