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Last updated on July 19th, 2023

The Platform in your Pocket

Empower your location managers to communicate with customers, answer their questions and help create a winning local customer experience that will convert online traffic into store traffic. 

The Harvard business review reported on a research that showed a half a star improvement on star ratings for hotels that simply responded to reviews.

In addition to the power of reviews, a recent study we conducted found that 96% of business locations had inconsistencies across Google, Bing and Yelp, actively damaging your location reputation and turning customers away from your business.

We realize that keeping a close eye on feedback and marketing efforts is a daunting task to add to your day-to-day operations – regardless of having 1 location or a thousand. With the mobile app we’re offering a new way of thinking: Empower your managers.

Leveraging the app allows small business owners, location managers and regional managers to take ownership of their location's social, feedback and data either on the sales floor or in the field.

They have the knowledge, now they have the tools.

How to get the app

The app is free and usable by anyone that has a user to access the Uberall platform can just install the mobile app on iOS or on Android

It is important to remember that while we’re not limiting access to any types of users, the app is specifically tailored to users such as location managers or regional managers, users who are always on the go as part of their day-to-day activities.
Other user types will find the mobile app less comfortable or might be missing capabilities compared to the online platform.

Just installed it, now what?

Well now that you have it on your iOS or Android device, you can just log in!

Expect your settings, permissions and roles as well as your language setting to work in the app exactly the way it works on the platform.

Now that you've set up you can use the app to*:

  • Read and reply to new reviews, either from scratch or leveraging a mobile friendly version of the response library.

  • Edit your location's opening hours, and upload images to location albums using your devices camera or storage.

  • Create new engaging posts to social media and other directories (And even schedule them).

  • See all your location's social posts, track their performance and edit/delete them as necessary.

  • Receive Push notifications on new reviews, as well as tips and suggestions around improving your location's performance.

* Based on access your user account has and with accordance to the rules and permissions set by the account admin.

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