What is the Facebook Location Descriptor?

Last updated on December 30th, 2021

One of the things that you should consider when building a Main (Brand) page - Location page structure on Facebook is the fact that all location pages must take the exact same name as the Main Brand Page. You can't change the name, but you can add additional information to the location name with the Facebook location descriptor. 

What is a Location Descriptor on Facebook?

The location descriptor for your shops will be "(City)" by default – or "(Address, City)" if there are multiple locations in the same city. 

For example: BIO Company GmbH (Prenzlauer Allee 180, Berlin). 

This will ensure brand uniformity across all the Facebook pages.

Note that this naming change does not impact the URL of the page in any way.

How can I edit the Location Descriptor of my shop?

You must edit the Location Descriptor directly on Facebook. First, you must be the admin or editor of the Main Page.

If you need to edit the location descriptor on one shop

  1. Go to Page settings.
  2. Select the Page information tab.
  3. Find the Location section and fill in the Address.

If you need to edit the location descriptor for multiple shops

  1. In Facebook Business Manager go to Stores
  2. Download Stores
  3. Edit the last column of the Excel file (AC- Location descriptor)
  4. Upload the Excel file

Find more about building Facebook structure option and their effects here.

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