AI Powered Review Responses & Auto Replies

An overview of the AI reply features & how to respond to reviews utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

Last updated on November 24th, 2023

AI Review Responses

What is it?

Powered by chatGPT, you can now generate a reply to a review with the click of one button. The AI will have an understanding of the sentiment of the review, the rating of the review, the business name, the customer's name (if public), the business category, and the language they left the review in. Knowing all this, it will be able to generate a curated reply on demand. 


We understand that responding to reviews can be repetitive, and sometimes challenging on how to say similar statements in different ways. This feature should help you when you’ve run out of creative ways to respond to those reviews.


You can utilize it in the feed on a review by review basis to save time typing out custom responses. Just look for the following button to suggest a reply! 



Where can I find it?


If you're interested in accessing this feature, you'll find it within the Customers tab, specifically under the Feed (Beta) sub-tab. The Feed tab will be a new and improved, email inbox style view that encompasses customer touch points that need a response from channels such as Google Reviews, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram etc. From this feed you can view, respond and interact with incoming reviews, comments, social posts etc.


Keep in mind that this feature is exclusive to the new Feed, currently in its beta stage. However, please be aware that depending on your account settings, the new Feed may not be visible by default.



How does it work?

Check it out here for a further in depth video of how it works for the first version. Start by going to the Feed (Beta) page within the Customers tab. Find an incoming review, and look for the suggest a reply button, and click it to generate the response of your latest review. To regenerate the response, hit it again and watch it rewrite the response.



Does it work with multiple languages?


As requested, the AI Review Response feature now generates responses in the language that the review was left in. No translation needed! This feature currently works on over 57 languages. The full list can be found below:


Full List of Supported Languages

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Arabic
  3. Armenian
  4. Azerbaijani
  5. Belarusian
  6. Bosnian
  7. Bulgarian
  8. Catalan
  9. Chinese
  10. Croatian
  11. Czech
  12. Danish
  13. Dutch
  14. English
  15. Estonian
  16. Finnish
  17. French
  18. Galician
  19. German
  20. Greek
  21. Hebrew
  22. Hindi
  23. Hungarian
  24. Icelandic
  25. Indonesian
  26. Italian
  27. Japanese
  28. Kannada
  29. Kazakh
  30. Korean
  31. Latvian
  32. Lithuanian
  33. Macedonian
  34. Malay
  35. Marathi
  36. Maori
  37. Nepali
  38. Norwegian
  39. Persian
  40. Polish
  41. Portuguese
  42. Romanian
  43. Russian
  44. Serbian
  45. Slovak
  46. Slovenian
  47. Spanish
  48. Swahili
  49. Swedish
  50. Tagalog
  51. Tamil
  52. Thai
  53. Turkish
  54. Ukrainian
  55. Urdu
  56. Vietnamese
  57. Welsh


Keep in mind that not all languages have the same level of accuracy in predicting the correct words. Full list of language accuracy found below:

Note: MER stands for Match Error Rate which represents accuracy. A lower score is better.



AI Auto Responses

What is it?

Auto Responses currently work by allowing users to respond to incoming reviews automatically through pre-set templates, and activation criteria. Currently a maximum of 20 templates can be set, with the first 3 being generated by AI. It's a quite simple and effective automation to help customers manage many reviews without having to individually respond to all of them. Now we can generate those templates with the power of AI.


How does it work?

Simply navigate to the reply assistant tab, where you'll be able to create a new Auto Response template as usual. From there, you'll be able to set the review rating criteria and then suggest the response to be used, all with Artificial Intelligence. 


Once a response is generated for the template, you can either regenerate it for a new one or save it. Once saved with the criteria and activated, the template will be sent automatically for every review that triggers that criteria. Essentially working as an assistant helping respond to many reviews as they come in. 



Note: The AI Auto Replies does not allow for AI to reply directly to customers, but rather is a feature that requires user approval on each suggestion used in the template. Automated replies using AI is currently not allowed due to compliance requirements with Googles Terms of Use. 


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