Direct Search, Indirect (or Discovery) Search and Branded Search in Google metrics

Last updated on October 20th, 2022

Direct Search

A customer directly searched for your business name or address. 

    E.g: A customer would like to have coffee at the Café Yummy. The keywords used would be the name of the business.

Indirect (or Discovery) Search

A customer searched for a category, product, or service that you offer, and your listing appeared.

E.g. If the user would be looking for coffee in his area, the keyword would be coffee and the results could display Café Yummy amongst others.

Branded Search

A customer searched for your brand or a brand related to your business.

E.g. the customer searched for Lavazza and as a result Café Yummy pops up in Google. 

The following overview shows and clarifies the difference between Direct Search and Branded Search by using other examples:

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