How can I add or modify (single) location data?

Last updated on July 25th, 2023

1. Go to the Locations tab and click on "Add location" on the top left > Manual
If you want to lean more about the fields available, click here.

2. To add the location to an existing account, select the relevant account from the drop-down.
To create a new account, mark the checkbox "Create a new account with the location data".

The 'Location Identifier' is not a mandatory field, however, we recommend you appoint one to all of your locations to be able to modify your location data in bulk with the import function.


Note that the address must contain explicitly street and street number.

4. After saving your data entry by clicking on “Save changes”, a pop-up window will appear.
This is where you confirm the location by clicking on “Buy now”.
Note: Every newly created location will be invoiced according to your contract terms and conditions.

5. The new location is now created and you can review all the information you have provided.
To modify the data, update the field and click on “Save changes”.

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