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Last updated on January 17th, 2024

Find out below the answer to some of the most common questions about Categories.

Find our list of Categories here.

How does the platform work with categories?

The categories we create are based on those that are available in Google. Once a category is added to the tool, we look for the closest match in all other publishers. 

Sometimes there is no match in other directories. In this case we look to match the "parent category" or as close a fit as possible.

Why is the category chosen in the platform not being displayed with the exact same name on the different publishers?

This may happen because we relate the categories to the closest category offered by the publisher.

The category offered by Google is not available in the platform yet. What should I do?

While we aim to add all Google categories once selectable in Google My Business it is possible that certain categories are not available in the platform yet. If the category is available on Google, you can request it to be added by contacting our operational team at operations@uberall.com.

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