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Last updated on June 13th, 2024

What are Transaction URLs?

Previously, these URLs were all managed via attributes; however we are making changes necessary to stay up to date with Google and offer a simpler way of maintaining the information. 

Transaction URLs are those found on your Google Business Profiles and vary depending on the category selected for your business. 

  • Restaurants will have ordering and reservation URLs.
  • Services will have appointment bookings URLs.
  • Retailers will have shopping URLs.

The new Transaction URL fields can be easily managed via the location profile, Bulk Editor, spreadsheet upload, and via API.




Methods of adding and updating transaction urls

Location Profile Page

If Google allows the location to add Transaction URLs, the component will appear on the rich data tab. 

Multiple URLs can be added to each transaction URL type by using the ‘+’ to add another URL.

URLs entered on the location profile page can be scheduled to update at a future date and time or published immediately.


Bulk Editor UI

Only those transaction URL types that are available for every selected location will appear in the UI. If at least one location's category has no transaction URLs, then the transaction URL component will not appear.

URLs entered in the Bulk Editor can be scheduled to update at a future date and time or published immediately.


Spreadsheet Import

Transaction URLs can be updated via the spreadsheet import. 

  • If adding multiple URLs to a single transaction link type, use a semi-colon (;) to separate the URLs. 
  • If one of the URLs should be marked as preferred, add a comma then this designation after the preferred URL. 


  • Multiple URLs:;
  • Prefer URL:,preferred
  • Multiple URLs with one being preferred:,preferred;


Transaction URLs can be updated via the API.



Preferred Status

Each transaction URL type can have one URL flagged as “Preferred.” 

The Preferred status tells Google that the business wants customers to be directed to the tagged link. Google will then show this link first when there are multiple links for the customer to choose from. Google will also add a “Preferred by the business” tag to the link in the UI.

Though not required, it is highly recommended that at least one link is marked as “Preferred” for each transaction type. Google pulls in links from Third Party providers, such as Food Delivery services, on a semi-regular basis. These third party links cannot be removed. So using the preferred tag helps direct customers to the link most suitable to the business.


Third Party Options

Google may pull in links from third party companies, such as Food Delivery services, that work with the business to fulfill the customer's order/appointment setting. These urls cannot be overwritten or removed. 

If the third party link is wrong, the recommendation is to file a notification with Google and to submit the correct URL via the platform UI.

Flagging the business's preferred URL as ‘preferred’ will notify Google that this link should be placed first in the list, helping to drive more customers to the business's platform so customers are less likely to go through a third party.




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