Keyword Recommendations

Last updated on April 18th, 2022

This article gives an overview of everything to know about Keyword Recommendations.

What is Keyword Recommendations?

Keyword Recommendations suggests and scores keyword usage in content to help users optimize for ranking and online searches.

Where are Keyword Recommendations Displayed?

Keyword Recommendations are currently displayed in the location profile's Long and Short Description fields. 

What does Keyword Recommendations Do?

This tool provides users with the most relevant keywords for a business location. Using these keywords optimizes content which helps the business appear for related searches.

Features of Keyword Recommendations

When updating the Long and Short Business descriptions, the Keyword Recommendations tool will appears above the field. 

The tool is comprised of the following features:

Keyword List

The Keyword List shows the first 20 keywords as they appear in the keyword field. The keyword field can be found on the Basic Data tab of a location's profile. 

The Keyword List can be updated at any time, though removing a keyword from the list may impact the score of content fields where this keyword is used. 

Keywords can be reorder in the keyword field by dragging and dropping. It is recommended to put the most important keywords first.


Keyword Count

There is a number before each keyword. This shows the number of times a keyword is used in the related content. 

Using different keywords is better for content optimization. This count helps the content creator avoid using the same keyword multiple times.


Keyword Score

The Keyword Recommendation Tool shows a keyword score. This score helps identify strongly optimized content. 

Scoring is based on the length of the content. Longer content will need more keywords to reach a Strong optimization score.

Score definitions are:

Strong: The content is optimized with relevant keywords.

Good: The optimization of this content is fine, though it can be improved. Additional details on the Keyword Recommendation tool will notify the user if there are too many or too few keywords for the amount of content in the field.

Weak: The content is not well optimized. There are either not enough keywords or there are too many keywords. Too many keywords is called "Keyword Stuffing" and is frowned upon by the search engines.


Keyword Highlights

Keywords are always highlighted in content fields, even when the field is not being updated.

This helps users quickly identify content that may need to be optimized.


How to Choose Good Keywords

Check out this article on choosing good keywords.

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