Pop-Up Stores

Last updated on October 30th, 2020

Pop-Up Stores

A Pop-Up Store is a temporary store where retailers take advantage of empty retail space to sell their goods. These stores opens suddenly and usually exists only for a short amount of time. 

Can I manage my Pop-Up Stores through your platform?

Publishing a Pop-Up Stores is technically possible with the tool but you have to bear in mind some directories have long update cycles so it could be that the location is published after the timeframe of opening. 

Can I manage my Pop-Up Stores in Google?

According to the Google Guidelines (Status 13.09.2019) only stationary locations are supported:

...eligible as long as they display permanent signage year-round at the location

Therefore we encourage you not to publish Pop-Up Stores.  

What happens when if the location is closed? 

In the event that a pop-up store was nevertheless published via the tool. You could open your location in the platform, change the status to closed. That will start the closing process where the profiles will be set to permanently closed or deleted if possible. 

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