How can I add or modify location data in bulk?

Last updated on July 25th, 2023

1. Navigate to the locations tab and click on "Export".

2. An excel will be generated containing your location data.


- The first two columns contain the identifiers

- The location identifier must match the Google Store Code before connecting your Google account.

- Location Identifiers must be unique within each account.

- DO NOT change the identifiers with the import function. 

Changing an identifier must be done on the location directly in the platform.

If the existing locations do not have an identifier, you will not be able to use the import function. Otherwise you will end up creating duplicates.


3. When adding new location with the import function, make sure you add the correct Account Identifier (Column A) and a Location Identifier (Column B) for each location. 

Ensure the following fields are filled out:

status (Column C): set you location to ACTIVE or CLOSED
addressDisplay (Column AJ):
true = your location has a physical address
false = you would like to hide the address of your location on the listings.
autosync (Column AK):
true = your location's data will be synced as soon as you click "Save"
false = you will be required to manually click on "Sync" every time you change location data.

- Address format: streetandnumber / address line 1 (Column E) - must only contain street and street number.
Any additional information must be stored in addressextra (Column L).

If you have questions on how to populate this document, you can refer to this link and this checklist.

Do not remove the additional sheets (Events/Products/Menu/People)

Tip: If you are doing location updates, you are able to import only the relevant columns and remove the rest, except for the businessidentifier (Column A) and identifier (Column B).

4. When your locations are ready navigate to the locations tab and click on 'Add location' > 'Excel' > Select file

You will be asked to match the fields.

Confirm that all data fields match and click "Continue".

5. If you have more than one account and you did not specify it in the file, you will be prompted to choose one.

6.  The system will then prompt you with a message to confirm the number of locations and accounts updated/created is correct before clicking on “Import”.

Your locations will be created/updated as soon as the file has finished importing.

Error Messages

If there were any issues when importing the locations you will be notified.

To read more about common error messages and how to fix click here.

If you want to learn more about tips and tricks when using the import function click here‍.
If you would like to use your own file format, please follow the instructions specified here.

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