Lodging Amenities

Last updated on September 1st, 2023

What are Lodging Amenities?

Lodging Amenities are those Google attributes specific to the lodging industry. Google handles and processes these attributes differently than attributes for other industries, which is why they have a component separate from the standard attributes fields in the platform.


Are Lodging Amenities Important?


Google uses the information provided to better refine search results for users. Having the amenities completed may be the difference between showing up for “hotels with a pool” or not appearing at all.

Customers use this information to confirm the property offers the amenities they expect. They'll use this information on Google to further refine their choices. A listing that shows the amenities as searcher wants is more likely to convert than a listing without this information.


How can I add Lodging Amenities to a Location?

Lodging Amenities can be added to a location in one of three ways:

  1. API
  2. On the Rich Data tab of the location profile
  3. On the Rich Data tab of the bulk editor
    1. All selected locations must have a hotel related category, othewise the component does not appear

Lodging Amenities cannot currently be managed via the spreadsheet import / export.


Other Things to Know

  1. Related amenities - Some amenities trigger Google to add a second, more general amenity. An example of this would be if a user selected “Indoor Pool,” but did not select “Swimming Pool.” Google would add “Swimming Pool” as a relevant amenity, since “Indoor Pool” would also be a “Swimming Pool” amenity.
  2. There may appear to be duplicated amenities in the list. These are not actual duplicates, but amenities belonging to different categories. If both categories' amenities apply to the location it is best to add both.


What about Attributes?

Attributes should be maintained along with Lodging Amenities. While the information in attributes is no longer accepted by Google, many other directories accept this information, making it valuable for ranking and conversions.



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