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Custom Fields - how to request and how to manage

Last updated on February 14th, 2024

This article explains what Custom Fields are, how to request this feature and how to manage it.

What are Custom Fields?

It is possible to define personalized data fields per account, fitted to the users needs. Custom Fields allow to store extra data linked to each location (i.e. "Number_of_locations", "Employees", "Salesforce_id"). These data fields bring the possibility to manage and collect data internally and you can choose to display it on the Store Locator. However, no data is submitted to directories. 

How to request Custom Fields?

In order to get access to the feature, please contact our Support team. They are happy to assist in the setup. Please define before contacting our Support which Custom Fields should be added to which account of yours.

There is currently a limit of 200 Custom Fields per account. If you have multiple accounts, you can have different sets of custom fields.

How to manage Custom Fields?

Good to know

  • Custom fields are for customer internal purposes only and not published anywhere
  • Each business can have up to 200 custom fields
  • The name of the fields can contain only alphanumeric characters (though "-" and "_" are also allowed)
  • The value inside each field can be anything - a number, text, or even a JSON string
  • The name should be different than the business/location names, e.g.  custom field such as "street" or "name" cannot exist
  • Custom fields have a character length of 32,767. This limit is based on the max character limit for an Excel cell, since custom fields can be imported/exported via the spreadsheet import.

Edit Custom Fields

Via the platform:

Custom Fields defined per account will be available for each location within the respected account:

Each Custom Field will create an additional column in the export Excel file.

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