What are the different Sync statuses?

Last updated on August 19th, 2021

There are 5 possible statuses your listings can be while we are syncing them:

Sync Status Meaning
Listings in sync
This means that all details are in sync and the profile information saved in the platform has been published on the directory and the listing is up-to-date. Location data is synced, checked regularly and updated if necessary.
This means that all details saved in our platform have been submitted to the directory/source. However, it is not possible to confirm in real-time which details are published on the live-listing. This applies e.g. to in-car navigation systems, that only show updates after a software-update.
Listings being updated
e.g. when a listing has been created but the verification is outstanding (Google), or with Bing when the location details are still being quality-checked.
Listings cannot be updated / Claimed by others
The profile cannot be created or updated because there already is an existing listing which is claimed by a third party. Your action is required to release the listing.
Listings cannot be updated / Requiring your attention
e.g. with Google or Facebook when the accounts are not yet connected. Might also happen when the opening hours or category are missing and the listing cannot be created due to missing information in mandatory fields.

You may also see the option Sync never started: this means that the location was added to the platform, however, the location's details have not been submitted to the publishers yet and no listings were created/updated.

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