More flexible way of organising locations and providing User access to locations

Last updated on November 10th, 2022

Current situation

So far, you've been able to organise your locations with Labels by assigning them to specific locations. Then these Labels can be used as a filtering mechanism across the app. So far, however, the only way to provide user edit access to any Locations has been either by assigning said Locations to a User or assigning the entire Account. 


Not always your Account structure in our platform follows your actual Locations usage and management structure. Furthermore, with scaling your business, often you may have to adjust the setup – for example when onboarding new locations or users. 


With Groups you can do both – create flexible structures following your own choice and provide Users with access to the Locations within these Groups. Moreover, you can use the created Groups as a way to filter and slice data within the platform.

Need to provide access to a new Location for tens or hundreds of users? You no longer need to Edit every associated User, simply assign that Location to the already created Group and all Users will receive immediate access to that Location. 

Groups walk-through & how to

1. Go to User Rights and click on Groups Management

2. Select + New Group to start

3. Enter a Group Name

4. Clicking on Choose Locations allows you to assign the Locations which you want to be organised and the new structure

5. Add Users allows you to assign the Users which will have access to these locations

6. Once you're ready, don't forget to press Save to create the Group 

Filtering data using groups

We're extending the data filters within our platform to make use of Groups, gradually introducing it to all modules.

Right now, the Locations list can be filtered based on the Groups:

Additionally, the Insights on the Dashboard page can also be filtered using the Group name with @ in front of is, as seen on the screenshot below:

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