How do I add images or videos to a social post?

Last updated on October 30th, 2020

Adding images to a post 

When creating a post via the Publish tab in our tool, you can include images that are the formats .jpeg or .png.

Simply click on the small camera icon in the text box. While Facebook photo posts offer a lot of flexibility and you aren’t locked into a specific size or shape Google is slightly more restrictive. We, therefore, recommend using images with 1024 x 576 Pixels and 4MB when using .jpeg or 1MB for .png images. 

When you hover the mouse on the icon, you can see that pictures can currently only be published on Facebook and Google.

Adding videos to a post

It is now possible to publish videos on a post. This is currently only supported by Facebook where you can publish one video per post. All other directories do not support suitable players including the required codecs.

Similar to images click on the small camera icon in the text box and choose a .mp4 or .mov-formatted video that is less than 200 MB in size. 

You will notice when the data file selection list opens that all non-supported formats are shown greyed out.

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