What are the types of posts that can be published via the tool?

Last updated on September 22nd, 2021

One of the main functionalities of our tool is related to gathering and managing feedback of your locations, across multiple platforms, all from one inbox. Complementing that, social posts ensure the latest content as well as relevant deals are shared at the right time, on the right channels.

The types of posts that can be created on the Publish tab are: 


These are regular posts with information or updates about your business, which can be scheduled if you would like to have some announcement prepared for a later date/time. Some features are restricted to certain directories, as you can see below: 

Feature Directory

(once posted, cannot be edited)

Facebook and Google Search only

Product item
(Name + Price or Price range)

Google Search only

Call to Action Button 
(Insert a link to enable a button to:
Book, Order online, Learn more, Sign up, Get offer, or Buy)

Google Search only


This is where you can offer special deals or promotional sales within a specific time range (start/end dates and times). These offers are unpublished at the end date.

Again, depending on the directory, certain features may be available/required:

Feature Directory

(once posted, cannot be edited)

Google Search only

Coupon Code
(that can be used in store or online)

Google Search only

(Terms and Conditions of the offer)

Google Search only


On Google My Business an offer must be created at least one day before its start date


This is a Google Search specific section where you can advertise an event for your location (bake-off contest, book signing, etc.). Schedule your event right now or in the future for a limited time only.

Questions & Answers

This is a Google Search specific section for you to retrieve questions, post answers, and provide frequently asked questions on your business locations. When using this feature here on the Publish tab, you must post both question and answer.

When a customer asks a question, you can post the answer to it via the Customer Feedback tab‍  (as if it was a review you can reply).

COVID-19 Post

This also is a Google Search specific section for you to post COVID-19 updates about your business locations. Plain text content and a call to action button are supported.

Unlike regular News, these types of posts have increased visibility on Google search, appear higher, and replace the regular News section while the post is active.

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