Automated Responses

An overview of everything you need to know about Automated Responses at Uberall

Last updated on December 15th, 2023

What is Automated Responses?

Automated Responses is the ability to set up personalized review response templates to reply automatically to star-only reviews on Google

It ensures that each star-only review will receive a personalized reply, saving you significant time and providing a better experience for your customers.  

Automated Responses is part of Reply Assistant, which sits within Reviews. 

How does it work?

You will set up intelligent automation for star-only reviews that match your specified locations and star ratings. For example, negative reviews, positive reviews, or reviews in a specific region. You may add up to 20 replies that will be cycled through randomly when a new review comes in that meets your criteria. The review will be replied within minutes.

See our Product Manager Anna demo it in this video:

Key features


Set up different automated responses for reviews with 1 to 5 stars

Pre-saved Responses

Create up to 20 response options to be used when a rule is triggered


Respond differently each time to appear more human and appeal to Google’s ‘variety of responses’ preference

Selected Locations

Apply rules across one or more locations to accommodate regional and languages differences

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