Google Update Logic

This article gives a generic overview of the update logic for Google listings

Last updated on November 23rd, 2023

After you connect your Google profile, the system will conduct the steps detailed below when updating your Google listing. There is an initial (first) update and the ongoing updates that will be performed throughout the location's lifecycle.

Step 1 Field comparison between the information in the platform and the Google listing

The system will conduct a data check per field to recognize discrepancies between the platform and the Google listing. This step takes place immediately after you connect your Google listing.

Step 2 First Update

The data fields in the Google Business Profile listing which were not matching in Step 1 will be updated with the information in the platform. This action will take place regardless of the heritage of the data on the Google Business Profile listing (owner updated or not). 

In the case of a field discrepancy, the owner is confirming the information in the platform should overwrite the information in the Google Business Profile profile at the moment the connection is established. 

Step 3 Ongoing Updates

The system will conduct a comparison per field prior to pushing any update and recognize the update source. It will consider the scenarios detailed below.

If the latest update is done in the platform, this will be updated in the Google listing.
Google Business Profile Owner
If there is a change done by the owner in the Google Business Profile listing directly and NOT through the platform, the system will not overwrite the  data field on Google Business Profile. It will recognize that the timestamp of the change in Google Business Profile is the most recent. This will not change until a new and more up-to-date value is added in the platform. 
Google user or 
other sources
If the data on Google Business Profile was updated through Google user updates or through other sources, the system will detect these discrepancies and update it with data in the platform. Sometimes they are accepted and sometimes they are not due to the complicated AI logic of Google. To learn more about Google Updates see this article.

More information on Google Business Profile policies here.

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