Why is my business name different on some directories?

Uberall adjusts some business names to adhere to directory guidelines

Last updated on January 24th, 2024

In order to optimise rates of publication on the platforms of our directory partners, we apply an internal process called cleansing. In this process, we check, adjust and validate the profile details of a location in order to adhere to the many different guidelines of our partner directories. One of the fields we might adjust is the Business Name.

Some directories will accept any business name, while other directories have specific requirements. Here are some examples of instances where we are obliged to adjust the name:

Original Adjusted by Cleansing Reason
Clear Pools LLC
Clear Pools Inc.
Clear Pools Co.
Clear Pools Some directories prefer to omit corporate abbreviations that a customer would not use when referring to the business 
REWE Superstore
REWE Minimarkt
REWE Bonn Bad Godesburg
REWE Some directoriesrequire only the brand name and will omit:
  • Location identifiers (ex: "Bonn")
  • Information which is not included on the storefront signage or the website header
Apple Maps prefers all locations of a brand to have the same name in order to promote orderliness.
Chili's Restaurant Chili's Because the location's category already denotes the nature of the business, some directories will not publish a business name with category details in the name unless it's part of the brand name.
Dental practice Dr. med. dent. Martha Muster | Dr. med. dent. John Doe
Dr. med. dent. Muster & Doe
In this example the name is 70 characters long but the name should not exceed 40 characters to be published in all directories. In this example, the title & last names have been kept and rest were removed to shorten the name


Even when the clean Business Name is used, the branding, usually taken from the website, and store front are still equally important to some directories (for example Apple).

Directories to which we must send a clean Business Name are below:

  • Apple Maps
  • Bing Maps
  • Yelp
  • BBB
  • TripAdvisor
  • Foursquare
  • Uber
  • Infogroup
  • HERE
  • TomTom
  • MeineStadt
  • City Search

Not adjusting the name sent to these directories risks:

  1. the directory flagging the listing for review -  (a process which takes time to complete), or 
  2. the directory deciding to use other sources for its information (common among Data Aggregators like Bing Maps & Apple Maps)

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