What are the different Sync statuses?

Last updated on December 14th, 2023

There are 5 possible statuses your listings can be while we are syncing them:

Sync Status Meaning

Listings are in sync and verified.

This means that all details are in sync on the publisher and regularly checked for accuracy.

Listings where your latest information has been successfully submitted. However, it is not possible to confirm in real time as these publishers do not have an online verification (e.g. car navigation systems)
Data is being continuously submitted to the Publisher to get your listing updated.
Action Required
Your attention is required on these listings. Various actions are required in order for your data to be submitted successfully. This includes claiming, connecting, or completing missing mandatory fields.
These listings are linked. Linked listings do not update location data. We link your listing for you to use features like review management.

You may also see the option Sync never started: this means that the location was added to the platform, however, the location's details have not been submitted to the publishers yet and no listings were created/updated.

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