Why does my address revert when I click 'Save'?

Last updated on March 14th, 2022

When a new location is added, the system automatically validates the address with the Google Geocoding API.

This means that the address is corrected (if needed) with the data considered to be the correct address according to the Google Geocoding API. The location then goes through our quality checks where it undergoes address validation and accurate pin placement.

Regardless of your location's cleansing status, here are a couple of steps to follow if you are having an issue when you are trying to change the address and it reverts back when you click on 'Save'.


The address should be consistent with the address guidelines. It is possible that a location's "real administrative address" is not accepted as it does not follow the correct address format.

1.) The first step is to verify if the address you are trying to input is correct.

Check the link here

You are able to input the address or the coordinates of the location and retrieve the address considered to be Google's source of truth.

2.) Go to Google Maps (right click and select "What's here?")

It will provide you with the address that Google has for this location and its geo coordinates.

It is possible that the address you are trying to input isn't 100% accurate on Google (and other directories).

Request an address change

In the case your location has multiple valid addresses or you still consider the address to be correct and you have already revised Step 1 & 2, please provide us with the following:

1. Location platform url. This url provides the unique identifier of your location.

2. Desired address

3. Google Maps link with the desired coordinates (as explained in Step 2)

Our team will revise the information provided and validate the address given to confirm the accuracy.

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