Using placeholders in location descriptions

Customize location descriptions using placeholders

Last updated on November 4th, 2022

What is a placeholder?

Placeholder is a character, word, or set of characters that may be replaced by the name of any element of the set. 

You can use placeholders in the short and long description of your location (in the Profile tab). When using a placeholder, make sure it does not exceed the character limit of the field 

Which placeholders are available?

*|name|*, *|zip|*, *|city|*

What will happen if I use them?

The corresponding values from the profiles of each location will be displayed on the different directories. Placeholders are more commonly used if you would like to use the same description for all your locations but at the same time aim to customise the description to each location individually. By using the placeholders this can be achieved.

For example, the following description utilising placeholders was added to Location 1 and Location 2:

Welcome to *|name|* in *|city|*!

For Location 1 with the name "DYI store" in "Anycity"  this would then read on the directories:

Welcome to DYI store in Anycity!

For Location 2 with the name "Crafting store" in "Othercity"  this would then read on the directories:

Welcome to Crafting store in Othercity!



Google does not allow links of any type on the location's description. 

Ensure your description complies to Google's Business Description Guidelines.

Placeholders can also be used in posts. For more information check this article.

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