EV Station Information

Overview of EV Charging Information Available in the Platform

Last updated on November 27th, 2023

Where is the EV Station Information Found?

Each location that is set-up with EV charging data distribution will have an EV Station tab in its location profile. 

This tab will not appear for locations that are not set-up to distribute EV charging information.


What Information is on the EV Station Tab?

The EV Station tab shows relevant information for each EV Station associated with the location being viewed in the platform. 

The information shown for each location is:

  1. Station Name
  2. Kilowattage 
  3. Power type
  4. Connector Type
  5. Any Parking Restrictions
  6. Additional information on the location


How to Update EV Station Information?

All EV Station information is received via API from the client or their representative and cannot be changed directly in the platform as this would cause inconsistencies between the client systems and the platform. This is why the page is read-only. 

If information for a station needs to be updated, the update must be made on the client-side and the update will flow into the platform.

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